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Are you tired of struggling to understand how to start a Blog? Does the thought of using WordPress, make your head hurt? Are you a procrastinator, like me? I get that but realised how much I was self-sabotaging myself and it isn’t the answer for a creative entrepreneur like yourself.



Then you should take the steps by starting your own blogging business. Or if you already have and need to get in the right direction.



Who am I to say that, am I right? And what can I help you with? My name is Felicity, a passionate and experienced Business Strategist. I help creative entrepreneurs build profitable online businesses with WordPress. 



Start your journey now.



After years of working for an Advertising Company as the Marketing Manager. I was totally burnout and miserable. And wanted to spend more time with my kids.

I decided enough was enough and started my own blogging business. My mission is to help people achieve their goals in self-employment and so began my blogging business on long story short, now use



A better way to grow your creative business.

My Friend, I know that you have the talents to share with the world. Your someone worthy of voicing your opinions and experiences, plus make money. You give so much of yourself for next to nothing in return and deserve to be acknowledged.


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