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How to Smash Writers Block


Become Inspired by Your Hobbies

Even though it seems counterintuitive to think about spending time enjoying your hobbies while building a business, you’ll discover that allowing your brain to relax and enjoy something other than business will spur your creativity.

Have you ever had an incident where you can’t remember the title of a book or who starred in a particular movie but then you had an a-ha moment as soon as you stopped thinking about it? Have you heard stories of people who are inspired while in the shower and then are scrambling to write down their brilliant idea while they’re soaking wet? Jerry Seinfeld added a scene to his famous TV series about writing the funniest joke ever while dreaming, wrote it down in the middle of the night, but couldn’t read his handwriting in the morning.

Why Your Brain Needs a Break

In today’s technological world with constant news cycles and instant access to electronics, it’s all too easy to wear ourselves out with too much news and other stimuli. Do you often lose steam mid-afternoon, especially if you’re working hard to meet a deadline? Your body and your brain physically can only handle so much before they go into shut down mode. Experts believe that “employees spend more than half their workdays receiving and managing information than using it to do their jobs”.

Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re not working as efficiently later in the day or it’s harder to concentrate on business tasks. Even if you’re coaching clients, do you find yourself getting distracted? Your brain is telling you it needs a break, similar to rebooting your computer.

Find Joy in the Simple Things

Let’s get back to basics and find the joys in everyday life. One way to welcome joy into your life is to unplug completely from your phone, computer, tablet, etc. so you’re more present in each moment and so you can actually recognize joy when it appears. Do you eat dinner every night with your family? Do you know what your kids are doing in school or in their activities? When was the last time you allowed yourself time to play board games or read bedtime stories? When was the last time you really connected with your spouse or partner? Even if you live alone, think about the last time you allowed yourself fun time away from the computer?

Think about the hobbies you used to enjoy prior to marriage/kids/business. Now is the time to add at least one of those things back into your life. Join a gym. Join a walking or running club. Volunteer at your favourite charity. Read a book. Learn how to meditate. Learn how to play a new sport. Discover new hiking trails. Find a blogger’s group for your favourite activity. Write in a journal.

Once you find something fun to add to your life, take notice of how you feel afterwards. Did you let off some stress? Do you feel more relaxed? Did you sleep well after your activity? Did you have any inspiring thoughts the next day, after your brain took a break? You may be very surprised at your results.

Embrace Your Artistic Side with Creative Journaling Techniques

Journaling is sometimes considered the modern day’s version of writing in a diary. While little girls often write down whom they have a crush on or what they want to be when they grow up. Writing down your hopes and dreams for the future as an adult will help you stay focused and help you move toward making them a reality.

Writing in a journal doesn’t have to be boring. If you prefer to use a spiral notebook, go for it. But don’t be afraid to honour your inner artist by making your journal more interesting, especially if you need more downtime anyway.

Vision Boards

These are visual representations of your goals, either business-related or personal. There’s no right or wrong way to create a vision board and mixing personal with business is perfectly alright. The easiest way to create vision boards is to cut pictures out from magazines and paste them onto a poster board. Or you can look for digital photos online and create a collage. Now make that collage your computer screen backdrop so you see it every day when you log in.

The key to making vision boards is to find photos that speak to you; that inspires you; that you want to work toward. Otherwise, these photos will have no meaning and won’t motivate you in the least to take great strides with your business. So be honest about what you really want to achieve.

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Spiritual Journaling (Example that can be used in any belief, religious or not)

Gratitude journals, as well as spiritual journaling, are very popular right now. As people try to reconnect with their spiritual beliefs in a tumultuous world. These are also two avenues to add even more creativity and artwork to your journals. To make them more interesting and/or pleasing to the eye.

Gratitude journals generally focus on what you’re grateful for each day. Listing at least one, two, or three things can increase your positivity and your self-esteem while helping you sleep better! When you’re focused on gratitude, you see the good things in life. Then make a special point of each day to find those good things. When you focus on your achievements, no matter how big or small, you will increase your self-esteem. When you get all these things out of your head, you’re releasing stress. And are less likely to take your worries to bed with you, thus allowing you to sleep better.

Spiritual journaling involves drawing in the margins of specialty literature as you study. Again, there’s no right or wrong way to do this. Sometimes you may be inspired by a passage, quote, or story and your artistry will reflect that. Other times you’ll be inspired by something that happened in your daily life that meant a lot to you. This is another avenue that allows you to create a unique experience.

Bring your spirituality into a traditional journal by drawing or writing your favourite quote or story. Consider using scrapbooking supplies to add simple decorations to your journal pages, making the experience more artistic and fun. The possibilities are endless.

How Journaling and the Law of Attraction Work Together

Journaling is a popular way to relax after a long day, organize your business ideas and goals. To share your gratitude for the good in your life, or track your health and/or personal goals. The Law of Attraction is a belief system. That claims the universe will manifest what you want or need in your life at just the right time. Basically, what you focus on will become reality; so if you focus on the good in your life, more goodwill appears. If you are pessimistic about life, you will attract more doom and gloom.

But how do these two things work in tandem? Quite simply, with the Law of Attraction, you may focus on a more general goal, such as making more money. With journaling, you can dive deeper into specific thoughts or action steps that will lead you to make more money (or whatever your goal is). Even if you are very specific about what you want to manifest. Maybe you want a speaking gig at a particular conference. Or you want to meet your idol at a particular event, you can still focus your journaling. Then making specific plans to arrive at those venues and organizing where and how you’ll meet your idol. When you combine your focused thoughts with your focused journaling, you are taking focused action to make these things happen.

Write as if You Already Achieved Your Goals

One difference between journaling to manifest your goals. Is to write your goals down in present tense as if you have already achieved them. This is a bit different from other journaling advice. Which usually states to write down your hopes and dreams in an effort to work towards them.

In this case, using present tense allows you to give your dreams life. Then, to imagine the ideal life you want for yourself. Focusing on these specifics allows you to take action on the smaller steps you need in order to achieve it. Writing in the present tense and actually FEELING the emotions. These entries also send out frequencies to the Universe which must then manifest what you desire. Using those desires along with the specific action steps in your journal is a win-win situation.

What if I Don’t Believe in the Law of Attraction?

Everyone is certainly entitled to their own belief system. And I’m not trying to recruit you into this way of thinking. If you don’t believe, continue to journal and create those action steps. Absolutely nothing happens without some sort of action, so consider your journal to be your action guide. List your specific goals; break those down into simple tasks; and work your way down the list until you meet your goal. Your mind is still focused on a positive goal. You’re putting your desires onto paper along with your action steps, and you’re completing the tasks (aka taking action). So you have a good possibility of reaching those goals, no matter what belief system you adopt.

Not a Fan of Traditional Journaling?

Whether you already journal but want something different. Or are a newbie but hate to write, you’ll want to find a way that works for you. You can still reap the benefits of journaling without writing!

Having Trouble Creating Products for Your Business? Take a Multimedia Approach…

It’s such a common problem. We’re told that we need to create products for our customers. But when we sit down at the computer to create, we’re stuck. How long do you stare at a blank page before getting frustrated and giving up? I’ve been known to start and stop typing at least a dozen times before giving up.

Having the best idea for a product doesn’t make it any easier to get it produced. Especially if you have writer’s block or if you’ve never produced a product before. It can certainly be intimidating and slow going. Particularly if you’re forcing yourself to write using a form of media that’s not your strength.

What’s Your Favourite Form of Media?

Not every product has to involve writing, although that’s typically what we think about first when talking about business products. We can thank Amazon and the advent of eBooks for that. Instead of stressing about how you’ll get the product done. Think about forms of media that you feel more comfortable using. Such as recording your voice, either on video or using just the audio.

So, if you want to publish an eBook but you struggle with writing. One option is to hire a writer, although that will be costly. If you’re a natural-born speaker, consider simply writing bullet points. Then record your voice with a voice recorder app on your phone. Send that voice recording to a transcriptionist. So they can type it up, then you can edit it yourself or hire someone to edit for you. Voila, you have an eBook!

If you are a natural speaker, consider creating a video series. You’ll still want to have a basic outline with bullet points, but turn that camera on and just start talking! It’s incredibly easy with smartphones these days and watch your lighting. Consider using a lapel mic to avoid problems with your audio levels. Start off with a few live streams first to perfect those settings and then start recording your series. Now you have a multi-lesson video class.

Want to offer transcripts of that video series? Send off the videos to your transcriptionist. Include those transcripts with the videos or offer it as an eBook alone at a lower price point.

Don’t like the idea of being on camera? Consider recording a webinar or a teleseminar. A webinar is a video platform that allows you to share slides while you speak – or share the webcam of your guest – whereas a teleseminar is strictly audio. You could certainly do a series in either format while also offering transcripts. If people can’t attend the live session, put a price tag on the recordings plus transcripts. Instant paid product!

In the end, it’s up to YOU to figure out a way to produce your product within your budget and without stressing yourself out. Just know that writing is not the ONLY way to produce a product so start asking your business acquaintances for referrals for writers, transcriptionists, and video editors.

Consider using Fivver to hire freelance writers within your budget.

Is There a Deeper Reason Why You’re Not Creating More?

Sometimes there’s a hidden reason why your business isn’t growing as fast as you’d like it to or making as much money as you had hoped. Are you really doing everything you can to ensure your success?

Try This Writing Exercise for Your Next Blog Post

Writing doesn’t come easily to everyone. There are natural-born writers just as there are natural-born speakers. Just as many writers can’t imagine giving up the keyboard for a microphone to vocalize their thoughts, many speakers cringe at the idea of sitting in front of a computer to put their thoughts down on paper.

However, writing is an important tool, especially in business, so even if you’re not in love with writing, here’s an exercise that hopefully will encourage you to sit down and give your computer keyboard some love.


Outline the Body of Your Blog Post

I’m using a blog post as an example because that’s generally the shortest piece of content you’ll write on a regular basis. So, instead of being intimidated by a specific word count, think instead of bullet points and how to lay out the body of your article.

You don’t even have to start with the title. Leave that for last until you finish the blog post and know exactly what topics you’ll write about. Knowing the general topic right now is a fine place to start.

Just like a Table of Contents, write out your first main point, with supporting facts underneath. Let these be fragment sentences if that works best for you; the point is to get these bullet points onto paper quickly.

Now continue on down the paper until you have at least 3 main bullet points, each with two or three supporting facts. That’s the bulk of your blog post! Formulate this outline into a more comprehensive blog post, add the introduction and conclusion, then think of a catchy title. Done!

Why Does Outlining an Article Work?

This exercise is similar to the exercise of bullet journaling: Writing down simple bullets quickly in a logical fashion is less intimidating than writing 500 words. Chances are your blog posts will be longer than 500 words but focusing on your thoughts instead of piecing individual words together is easier and quicker for some people. If you have a virtual assistant or friend, consider giving her/him the article to compose the introduction and the conclusion. That makes publishing your blog post even quicker.

Don’t be Afraid to Give Outsourcing a Try

If you still get nauseous at the idea of writing after trying this exercise, start researching writers to add to your team. Take note, that not every virtual assistant has writing skills. So don’t assume your current VA will be your writing saviour. Likewise, the least expensive writer won’t necessarily be the best or the most experienced. So remember that you get what you pay for.

Ask business associates for their recommendations, search on social media, and be prepared to go through an interview process. You want a writer who cares about their craft and will take a firm interest in doing their best job since their work will be representing your business. Also, know in advance what kind of projects you will assign. Start with something small, like blog posts, before working up to a signature product. Take baby steps and be clear with your expectations.

Happy Blogging.

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