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Repurposing Old Content?

Do you track the monthly costs of running a tiny blogging business? Of course, you do. From every cent funding for the domain name, theme, email service provider, graphic designs, hosting, subscriptions including course’s you’ve invested in. You should do the same thing with repurposing your old content and track it regularly.

These costs can feel harsh when you have also spent hours to work on a business that is not making any money, despite your affiliate marketing efforts. Days turn to months and you haven’t seen a single subscriber yet. This is the reality of blogging business.

Your feeling depressed and tired of paying for what? Look, I have been in this situation and like yourself, don’t have the money to pay for professional copywriters and graphic designers let alone a Virtual Assistant. But don’t give up, there is hope. I highly recommend that you focus on growing an email list first.

Also, use Google Analytics to stop the guesswork and see exactly what your readers are looking and how to gain subscribers. Using a simple freebie lead magnet on your homepage attracts subscribers. In fact, my friend Kimi Kinsey has a great Starter Guide to Email Marketing, please take a peek. Plus, she has a course on Design Typography which incorporates using fonts legally to how to Create Viral Pins.

Taking the time to assess your content and creating a plan of action. Repurposing old blogs by researching keywords of trends in your niche, then fixing your articles will gain a higher ranking on Google’s algorithms. (gain more readers to make money) Use Yoast to guide you through what you write before hitting publish. Search for free courses to keep learning about SEO boosts your writing skills and experience. Join online Facebook groups is important to not only collaborate but grow better self-confidence.

In addition, don’t be harsh on yourself and keep blogging. This is my inner motherly instinct, yep sounds soppy but hey, that’s who I am. A passionate resilient woman that supports you.

Stay strong and healthy. The digital world of blogging needs you!!

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